Free Versus Lost

Don’t be so Free that you’re Lost ~ Being FREE as a state of mind

Sometimes we can get caught up into a careless carefree lifestyle that we tend to lose the value of having substance in one’s life. Being free is a continuous state of self-discovery; it’s not a state where we lack accountability. One can own the state of being free when one can be happy and at peace with their presence in this world.

The misperception of being ‘free’ is actually being ‘lost’. The risk of being lost can jeopardize your mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health. There becomes an obsession with being so free that you are disconnected. Potentially burning healthy bridges that can also lead you down a path with no direction – a state of darkness. Obsessions that can accompany being lost can include (but not limited to) the excessiveness of: exercise, weight loss, eating, cleanses, substance use, and mistreating /violation of others.

Being lost is not accepting your reality, while being free is the ability to understand, cope, and navigate through reality. Being free is connected to self-love. It helps you discover self-love and helps you maintain it. However, without self-love, the intention of being free or the expectation of it can lead to being lost.

It’s one thing to be free of certain emotions or not holding yourself to some standards that society has burdened you with, but try to avoid being caught up in a detachment that escapes reality. If we were to view being lost as the opposite of free, lost would represent a burden that restricts us of happiness and an attainment of our true self and purpose. Being lost can result in a carefree attitude that is dangerous where no direction can often lead to mischief and/or lack of productivity.

Freedom is being connected to one’s soul and your divine self. A Free state of mind can be obtained through various ways and in various combinations. Attainment can include: meditation, spiritual enlightenment, therapy, social/community engagement, etc. Engage in activities that encourage core development, consciousness, and cleanliness (of the mind, body, and spirit).

If you are questioning whether you are free or lost at the moment, that’s okay. There are no judgments. Life is a journey and we all have our moments. If you are free you can become lost and if you are lost you can become free. Patience and sustainability are two ideal traits that can waiver throughout our lives, but they can definitely be mastered.

Strive to discover your ‘Core Self’ my loves and Let’s Be Free!

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