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Tranquil Core

Tranquil Core believes that at the core of everyone’s being there is peace. We often search outside ourselves for peace or believe that it is impossible to attain any level of it. Life brings us challenges, unforeseen circumstances, trauma, etc. Our response to this often results in self-blame, avoidance, and self-destructive behaviors. There are effective healthy ways to break down the barriers to attaining peace. The first challenge is finding peace within your core self.

Having a Tranquil Core means establishing and sustaining inner peace. Inner peace is at the core of finding balance in one’s life. How do you view yourself? What does your character say about you? Can you describe your energy? A keen sense of self can positively affect how we can handle stress, transitions, crisis, trauma, etc. Our relationship with our self has a lot to do with our relationships with others. We often don’t make time for self-reflection. Self-reflection that looks at the biological, psychological, and social factors that make you, “You.” Have you taken a moment to listen to your story?

Tranquil Core promotes self-discovery. Our style of therapy emphasizes therapy with a partnership approach that assists with self-awareness, identifying goals, recognizing habits and triggers, and bringing awareness to necessities needed to find balance with yourself, family, and other aspects of life. Now, Let’s Get to the Core!

Sakeenah Hakim, LCSW

Sakeenah HakimSakeenah Hakim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, and Executive Director at the nonprofit Hakim 4 Kids, which supports children and families affected by incarceration.

Sakeenah utilizes a strength based and holistic approach that emphasizes mindfulness and recognizes the effects of trauma on behavior and development. She prioritizes the client’s needs and encourages a partnership dynamic when establishing, implementing, and meeting the client’s treatment goals.

She provides individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy with clients at her office in Beverly Hills, CA. Teletherapy is also available to clients on a case by case basis.

Her background of clinical experience includes therapy to clients ages 12 & up with life experiences such as: foster care, domestic violence, medical social work/hospice, children and families affected by incarceration, and life transitions (i.e. academic, career changes). She also provides clinical consultation services to group home and other related agencies.

Sakeenah obtained her Master of Social Work degree from Howard University in Washington, D.C. She has an ongoing passion for helping others and making an impact in the community.